Cat foster homes needed

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We are at a very important turning point in Austin history right now. Austin was a no-kill city for the month of February, meaning no “adoptable” animals were killed.

Now that we have hit this milestone it is very important that we continue to keep Austin No-Kill. As we get to the warmer months of the year we will need to save more animals and maintaining No-Kill will get a lot harder.

At this time of year, the older cats at the city shelter tend to get overlooked when adorable tiny kittens are pouring in.  But we want to save all of the cats, which means we need more foster homes who can help.

Fostering involves letting a cat, kitten, or litter of kittens hang out in your spare bedroom or bathroom. You provide the love, food, and litter; APA provides the vet care, adoption services, and support.

Once your foster cat or kittens are healthy and happy and old enough, you bring them to the APA clinic to get spayed or neutered, and then they go to an adoption center to find their forever home!

This can be as short as a 10 day commitment if the cat is healthy, or some kitties will get the kitty flu or have a broken bone and need a little extra nursing and a little extra time and effort.

Every cat you let into your home is literally a life saved. If you think this may be something you may be able to do and want to know more, please go to for more information and to fill out the application. Someone will get back with you shortly after you fill out the application.

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