Diamond – Politely waiting for her forever home

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Diamond came into our program with her newly born puppies. Her puppies have all been adopted, but she is still waiting for her home. Her foster is going out of town this week and we’d really love to get Diamond into her permanent home before then, instead of trying to move her to another foster home.

Here’s what her foster mom has to say about her:

Since Diamond came to live with us I cannot imagine a more “POLITE” house guest! Diamond LOVES to eat but she patiently waits outside of the kitchen while her food is prepared then does a cute tap dance while holding the “look at me” command that she knows is required before she gets her meal.

Diamond has zero issues when it comes to sharing all things with her canine friends as long as they are her size or larger. Diamond is not a fan of little yappy dogs or cats but, hey, we all have our own opinions on what we do and do not like. And speaking of size… at only 42 lbs with a slim waist, Diamond got her figure back in no time after delivering a litter of puppies.  She has since been spayed so she never has to worry about going through that again.

Diamond lives up to her name when it comes things that Ladies love! Can you say Spa Day! Diamond loves bath time and the massage that goes with it (even if she looks sulky in her robe:) and she loves the attention that goes along with pedicures! Yes I painted her nails sparkly purple to match her collar:)

Diamond also has a tomboy side and loves to go on long hikes and loves wrestling with her foster sister but at the end of the day all she wants to do is cuddle with her canine and human friends. Look up cuddle in the dictionary and you should find a picture of Diamond!

Diamond sleeps through the night on her dog bed but as soon as the Rooster across the street starts crowing D takes it upon herself to wake up her Foster Mom and Sister with wiggly kisses!

Please contact us at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’d like information about adopting Diamond!

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