Fostering Orphan Kittens: Families needed

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Foster, Pets Needing Homes

Meet Chloe, an Austin Pets Alive! nursing mom alumni.  She came into APA! last year from the Austin Animal Center with her 3 babies. Chloe was such a great mom that she even took in 2 orphan kittens, making her litter a grand total of 5. Sweet yet shy, Chloe was a model mom who raised all of her babies up and watched them find homes. Chloe then went on to find her own forever home with another favorite APA! kitty, Stumpy.

The Austin Pets Alive! Nursing Moms program is helping orphaned kittens flourish so they can receive the much needed warmth of a mother’s cuddle, and the perfect nutrition that only a mother cat can provide. So far this season, we’ve already rescued 7 litters of moms with babies, and 4 moms-to-be… And kitten season has just started!


Sweet little families, like Chloe’s, need one important thing to help them on their way to adoption, and that is foster homes that can care for them while mama raises the kittens.  Moms-to-be also need a safe, loving place to deliver and care for their babies.  Watching the love between mama and babies is one of most endearing and rewarding foster experiences we can offer, and many more kitty families will need our help this year.   If you have the space in your home and heart to take in one of these deserving cats and care for her on her journey through motherhood, visit our website and complete our Foster Application.



  1. Interested fosters should first complete the online foster application.
  2. You’ll then be contacted for a short phone interview.
  3. Once approved, you will be trained and can pick your kittens the same day!


  1. A quiet room where Mom and babies can nap, eat, play and be safe
  2. A digital kitchen scale to weigh them frequently to make sure they are growing.
  3. Heat source for the young ones
  4. Kitten food (wet and dry)
  5. Non-clumping cat litter
  6. Small litterbox
  7. Love, cuddling & lots of kisses!


  1. All medications, spay/neuter, or other medical is handled by APA! at no cost to fosters.
  2. There is an assortment of kitten food available on the market at reasonable prices.Non-clumping cat litter is the least expensive litter you can buy, or you can also use shredded paper or pellet-type litter, such as Yesterday’s News.