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Gemini“Every day that I look at Gemini, I can’t believe that this animal was on the euthanasia list. Probably because she had a kitty cold, which is very contagious and endangers other cats.  A little over a month after she left Town Lake Animal Center , Gemini has shed her cold and blossomed into a highly social, loving, FUNNY cat.

She is the best of both worlds—a sweet little cream puff of a cat who loves attention. She is extremely gentle and has never scratched me once, even when she was sick and I had to medicate her. Gemini’s fun loving side is a cat who loves her toys and will carry her mousie around in her mouth. She patiently tries to engage my resident cat in play, but no dice. Gemini is still looking for that forever home—hopefully with a friendly cat or dog ready for a new cuddle buddy.
She is strangely obedient for a cat! She will come when she is called, already knows the word “no” (and actually listens), and will get in her bed if you tell her to and point at it.”

– From Gemini’s Foster Mom


Check out her profile and email hidden; JavaScript is required for a chance to meet this sweetie.

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