Happy ending for one FIV cat

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions

Wilson, one of our FIV cats, was adopted this weekend.  Here’s what his new adopter has to say about him.  We are thrilled that this guy, who had a hard time getting a chance, has found a great new home.

I just do not think that we could have a better guy around the house. He is the only boy here and he really stands his own in a house full of estrogen. ;-)

He came right out of his kennel upon arriving and promptly began to explore with no sign of stress at all. He made immediate note of his food and water bowls and litter box.  He was racing up and down the stairs having fun within a couple of hours.  He met our dog about an hour and a half into his arrival.  I am currently keeping her on leash in the house to maintain absolute control.  I feel I am retraining her brain that cats are not to be chased. She very, very badly wants to be Wilson’s friend, but is so goofy and too aggressive about it yet.  She will listen to me and go lay on her bed and watch him walk around the living room from that place of self-restraint.  Eventually she will get up because she can’t stand not being near him and trying to get him to play (or run).  Wilson NEVER runs, which is so wonderful.  He may slowly retreat to under the futon couch, where he still has lots of head room and our dog *could* get to him if she wanted.  She does occasionally kneel down and stick her head under there and he has given her some good and deserved swats to the nose.  I LOVE HIM. I love that he does not retreat, he makes it a point to come downstairs when she is inside.  For our dog, I am helping her to adjust with lots of good bones to chew on, crazy amounts of praise when she chooses to forget he is in the room, and getting her to lay on the floor and rub her belly when Wilson is around.  I have no doubt that they will be great friends in a couple of weeks.  Our dog  is in her kennel in my bedroom when I leave the house and I shut my door so that Wilson cannot taunt her.

At this very moment, he is laying across my arms purring while we lounge in my Grandmother’s old armchair and do homework together.  This may have been a much longer email that you anticipated reading, but I want you to know how happy we are and how thoroughly we are making sure that Wilson fits in here.  I look forward to a great life with him, three gorgeous girls, and a goofy dog that wants to love him :-)

2 Responses to "Happy ending for one FIV cat"

  1. Kristen Robertsonsays: March 3, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    This gives me goosebumps.

  2. Jayne Gyarmathysays: March 3, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I interacted with Wilson at the APA foster event at Petsmart a few times (I’m fostering some nice kitties too) and this report of how well he’s doing is just heartwarming! He was instantly loveable and I’m so glad to hear about his perfect new home. Thanks for sharing!