Healthy kittens and a call for formula

by shoreyr • Posted in: Donations, Volunteering

As mentioned in a previous post, the Bottle Baby team visited the Wildlife Rehab & Rescue facility in Kendalia, TX last month, and learned a lot of useful tips on keeping orphaned babies healthy. One of the procedures learned that the team has now adopted is bottle feeding formula in a graduated way. Starting this kitten season, we have begun offering formula for the first four feedings mixed with 8 parts water, 1 part formula. The next four feedings are mixed 4:1, and after that, the team uses the standard mix ratio of 2:1. With this gradation, we have seen a huge reduction in kitten tummy aches and distress, which makes the kittens and the feeders (& the laundry team) really happy!

Even if you are not a volunteer feeder, you can contribute to the nutrition and care of each and every bottle baby by donating some formula. APA! uses KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) brand in the powder form. KMR can be found at local pet stores, and the best prices we’ve seen can be found online. Donations can be dropped off at our neonatal trailer on S. Congress at the corner of Gibson.


You can also make a financial donation, which we will use to purchase the KMR.


Finally, if you are interested in volunteering with the Bottle Baby group, please complete a volunteer application on the APA! website.

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