Hop along kid!

by rroberts19 • Posted in: Rescue

Armstrong had his leg removed last wednesday. It was not healing well and was causing him a lot of pain. We weren’t sure if he was just a whiny little guy or if his whining was all due to pain. Now that he has his leg off he hasn’t made a peep and we know that he feels much better without his gimpy leg. He is hopping along just fine now! He is the sweetest little guy! He’s a very good boy as well. He follows me, his foster mom, around every where I go and listens intently to my every word. He’s a real people pleaser. He’s doing really well with his potty training and is learning the sit command. That came in handy today when we went for a bike ride and he needed to sit in the basket! This boy is just too cute!p1030906

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  1. David Rsays: March 30, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Three legs work just as well as four! We have a three legged guy and he loves stairs and would love to run faster than me when we’re out. I always forget the amazement in people but he’s quite capable to sit and shake on command but he’s quite capable at it.