March Volunteer of the Month – Merriessa Anton

by Christina DePuy • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Volunteer of the Month, Volunteering


Austin Pets Alive! would like to extend many thanks to their March Volunteer of the Month: Merriessa Anton.  Merriessa has been volunteering with APA! since the fall of 2011 and we are glad to see her get the recognition that she deserves! Many people don’t realize how much happens on the back end at a shelter; Merriessa is there to help out with accounting, filing and adoption contracts. She has helped to save countless lives through her years of dedication.

“Merriessa is awesome! She organizes the contracts and bank deposit slips (which are a mess) and hands me a neat and tidy stack of deposit info to book into our accounting software. It makes my job a lot simpler! She also brings in much appreciated cookies and cakes from time to time :)”
— Sonya Smith

“Merriessa comes in at least weekly and organizes and logs our constantly growing pile of adoption contracts. She keeps us organized and on top of things, and she’s been doing it for years!  Merriessa is unbelievably dependable and committed to the work she does at APA! She’s been volunteering for longer than I’ve been working here, and she taught me the ins and outs of adoption contracts! She comes in and works on huge stacks of contracts and gets them organized for us. Thank you, Meriessa, for all your hard work!”
— Nora Miller

“Yes [Merriessa]… is amazing! She’s here nearly every day (or at least it seems like it) and there’s no way those contracts would get sorted and logged in time if she wasn’t there to do it. She also gets stuck serving as the receptionist a lot since she sits up front in Davenport, but she does it with a smile on her face.”
— Kristina Jakstas

About Merriessa

How did you get involved at APA!?
Right after the Bastrop fires I stopped by APA on Manchaca and asked if I could help. I was asked to walk some dogs around the premises. After walking the dogs I went into the office and started volunteering there.

What are you most passionate about at APA!?
I love working in the office and organizing the contracts. It feels good to process the many contracts and see so many cats and dogs go to a forever home. I also enjoy working with the wonderful staff .

Do you have a favorite dog or cat at APA!?
I enjoy watching the dogs who are going through the Good Citizens Training. I am impressed with the trainers and the behavior these dogs demonstrate. They inspire me to go home and work with my dogs.

What is an interesting fact people don’t know about you?
I was scared of dogs as a child. I sure am glad I got over that fear!