March Volunteer of the Month: Mary Bridge

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Congratulations to our March volunteer of the month, Mary Bridge! Here’s what some of the APA! staff has to say about March’s pick:

“Mary is only 17 years old but puts in as many hours at APA as a full time employee. She is there to assist with intakes every time, shadows her mom on trips to AAC, helps medicate, chip, and discharge pups from sarcops ward, and so many other numerous things. Mary is at the age where she should be off shopping, hanging with friends, and being a goofy teenager…instead she spends minimum 40-50 hours a week at APA helping out all our amazing dogs and being a relief to every counselor there! I could not do many of the intakes I do if not for Mary!!!” – Faith Wright, Animal Care Programs Director

“Mary is AMAZING! She has been a part of oh-so many rescue endeavors at APA! She and her mom Cathy have helped pull dogs from AAC. She can coax a scared puppy out of a corner and into her lap. Mary has helped feed bottle babies. She has sat next to a brand new momma dog and taught her to nurse her pups. Mary also helps with dog intake, she knows every step of the process, and can catch symptoms of illness early on. She really loves the dogs at APA! and is an amazing help to our dog adoption team. it’s not a normal week at Austin Pets Alive! without Mary hanging around lending a hand.” – Lindsay Henderson, Dog Adoption Manager

“Mary is a huge part of the APA! team. She plays a big role in the intake of dogs, saving them from other shelters, and is never afraid to role up her sleeves and get dirty (or poopy, since it it often involves puppies). She is always around and never hesitates to jump in where help is needed. Mary recently received recognition from Amy Pohler for being a teen who is passionate about something that really matters to her community and I think we should congratulate her on that by making her volunteer of the month!” – Rigena Osborne, Dog Adoption Counselor

Thanks for all of your hard work, Mary!

3 Responses to "March Volunteer of the Month: Mary Bridge"

  1. Heidi Fischersays: March 20, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Congratulations Mary! You are awesome, and I miss seeing you in the mornings walking doggies!

  2. Brenda Benner-newsays: March 20, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    When I first met Mary as a volunteer walker, I assumed by her behavior she was a paid counselor. She has a wonderful, fun, and caring way with the dogs as well as other volunteers. She is mature way beyond her years.

  3. SummerHugginssays: March 21, 2012 at 10:41 am

    Congrats, Mary!