Meet the Bottle Baby “H” Litter

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As each new litter of bottle babies arrives, APA! refers to that litter with the next letter of the alphabet. In January, we had our “A” litter. The next litter was our “B” litter, and so on. Last week we added the “H” litter to our arsenal of kittens (37 as of March 21st) that will soon be charming the public at all our adoption events.

The “H” litter consisted of three adorable roly-poly babies listed at the shelter as “owner surrender.” Who could possibly give up these beautiful babies? They are three weeks old, and will still require at least two more weeks of bottle feeding before weaning. In another week, their ears will begin to stand up. In about three more weeks their eyes will begin to change color (all kittens are born with blue eyes that stay shut for about 10 days).

This litter of cuties is currently in foster care. If you are interested in fostering unweaned kittens, please complete a foster application from the APA! website. Training is provided.

Meet Harlowe, Hamlet and Harris…



Harlowe Hamlet Harris

While the bottle baby care is restricted to only those volunteers who are trained to handle the babies, the other half of the trailer is an adoption site. Feel free to stop by to see which cats (and soon, kittens) are available for adoption.

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