Myley…Falling in Love with the “Last 10%”

by JessiFreud • Posted in: Adoptions

It’s hard to convey all the awesomeness that is Myley – a “last 10%” gal – in a short-and-sweet blog post. So, I’ll start with the quick story that gets to the heart and soul of who she is: a disarming love bug.

On one of our fun-filled afternoon adventures, Myley and I were out trolling for friends and excitement around the APA at Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) property. Our favorite spot is the baseball field bleachers. Myley loves to climb up on them, I love to sit. Score! Once we were snuggled up on the bleachers, our adventure took off. Two nice men who maintain the surrounding TLAC property were taking a break and were instantly memorized by Myley’s fawn-colored stunning good looks. They hustled on over to say “hi,” but approached with a not-so-polite introduction: “Wow, beautiful dog. But she looks dangerous. Is she dangerous?” Before I could start into momma-bear-defender mode, Myley took things into her own paws. She started kissing one of the two men. Full on tongue. In his mouth. In his eyes. With her belly up. The man was so overwhelmed by Myley’s lady wares he just giggled. In less than 30 seconds, Myley had a grown man – who initially thought she was “dangerous-looking” (what does that even mean?) – giggling.

I could elaborate on the near 45 minute conversation that ensued with these two men about Mooka Mooka (one of the 15 or so nicknames I’ve come up with for my number one girl); but, I’ll keep this about Myley. And, in short, that one interaction with two people she had never met simplifies what Myley is all about, and most importantly, who she is. She’s a dog who has never met a stranger. Big or small. Man, woman, or child. Old or young. And, I believe, she is a dog who was meant to change people’s hearts. Whether it be about pit-bull-looking dogs, shelter dogs, large dogs, “mommy dogs” (Myley’s belly shows the signs of having had a litter, or two, or three), heartworm-positive dogs, or adult dogs, that for one reason or another, traditionally aren’t making it in shelters. Myley is that dog that with one kiss changes the way people see a dog that looks like her, and dogs that come from where she comes from: a shelter, and before that, who knows.

In any other city in America, Myley probably wouldn’t be here for me to brag about. Consequently, I would probably not have developed an even stronger appreciation for dogs, like Myley, that most shelter systems think aren’t worth it. Myley is so, so, so worth it. And, so are the other “10 percenters” just like her – Louise, Leroy, Oliver (who now has a home!). And that is what our behavior program is all about: showing the public and other shelters, whose eyes are watching Austin, that these dogs are worth it. They are important. They matter. I know I can speak for the rest of the Louie’s Fresh Start (LFS) Program volunteers when I say that every single LFS dog teaches us a lesson we may not have truly learned any other way. Myley has been that dog for me. She has taught me to put aside immediate judgments of people I meet. To always put my best self forward. To be patient and tough, even on days when it’s really, really hard to do so. And to know that the best is yet to come.

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Every time one of our adventures comes to an end and I have to head home, I grab Myley’s beautiful face, scrunch it up in my hands, and whisper to her a line from one of my favorite books, The Help: “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” to me. She is all of those things and more.

We have started a drive to raise funds to hire professional dog behaviorists help us work with and develop training plans for dogs like Myley. Can you commit to $25 per month to pay for an hour of professional training per month? Our goal is to build up to 100 hours of training per month so we can save more of Austin’s homeless dogs this year!

You can set up a recurring or one-time donation here – just select “dog behavior program” in the program dropdown so we know your donation is to pay for training. And $25/month makes you part of our Constant Companion Club!

Visit our program page and follow the LFS dogs on Facebook to see how else you can help give these dogs a chance.

Myley is an official social media celebrity and has her own Facebook page where Myley Lovers unite to help her find her people. You can learn more about Myley by “liking” her page at .