Pitties with Personality!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Pittie lovers know that these dogs come with some of the biggest personalities around.  They’re funny to the point of being clowns.  They’re cuddly, smoochy, over-sized lap dogs.  They are SO excited about the things they love which usually is  just about EVERYTHING (including YOU)!  They make life a happier, more fun kinda journey.

The pitties featured here have a little something extra.  They’re a bit quirky.  Eccentric, if you will.  There’s really no one else around quite like any of them.  For this, and all of the reasons mentioned above, we think you’d be lucky as a bear at a honey buffet to take one home with you!

Without further adieu, please show your pittie pride for a posse of pups looking for a place to call their own!

Lefty! Lefty is pretty much a hunk.  He makes the ladies swoon and the fellas take notice.  He takes the fanfare in stride though.  You can watch him shake, shake it off in his debut hit VIDEO made by his hilarious foster momma.  His stride is pretty awesome too.  Lefty’s a tripod who gets around on three buff, brindle legs…hence the name.  He’s got pride in that working pittie leg trifecta and struts with confidence, swagger, and a big pittie smile.

Sunshine! Sunshine is a beautiful blonde with bow tie ears.  They sit directly on top of her head, sometimes flopped over and sometimes at attention.  They’re awkward and adorable, just like Sunshine herself.  Sunshine is full of wiggly love and she’s made some friends at APA! to help her feel a little more confident…smoother, even.  A big old love of a dog named Bruno helped her learn to play.  The adorableness was caught on VIDEO, which it’s highly recommended that you watch!  Sunshine’s not quite smooth yet, but that adorable awkwardness is part of her charm.

Winnie! Winnie is like a tank or a mack truck made of marshmallows.  She’s a big momma of a dog who wants nothing but to snuggle with you.  It is quite literally her favorite activity and she shamelessly tries to cram as much of herself as she can into your lap.  She’ll melt your heart and make you giggle without the slightest bit of effort.  Winnie is genuine.  There’s a lot going on behind those soft brown eyes, but all it takes to make her happy is a little bit of love.

Red! Oh good grief.  The underbite!  The ears!  The perpetual case of wiggle butt!  Anyone who’s met this compact, petite pittie powerhouse knows there’s probably nothing cuter.  Red is a rockstar waiting for her soulmate groupie to find her so they can settle down together.  Well, not t0o settled.  Red is a first rate napper & cuddler but she’s also ready for all manner of goofiness and adventures.  She certainly has a legion of groupies here at APA! but we will cheer her on straight into her  real home!

Go ahead and let one of our pitties with personality steal your heart and fill your house with laughs!  To find out more about any of the dogs featured above, email email hidden; JavaScript is required or visit our website to see where you can meet them!

*Photo 1 by Leslie Sans, Photo 2 Meggan Carey, Photos 3 & 4 by Summer Huggins

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