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Meet little Samba. She was rescued by Austin Pets Alive! last summer and was adopted by her foster mom soon after. While in foster, it was noted that Samba’s front legs were weak and she was also undernourished so our vet team expected her weak legs to improve with proper nutrition and exercise.  Samba started to grow on the proper diet, but her front legs remained bowed out and weak at the ankles.

So Samba was taken to a specialist where she was diagnosed with congenital bilateral radial head luxation. This is an uncommon condition that is present at birth.  There are basically two options for treatment of congenital radial head luxation, surgical correction or medical management.

Medical management means pain medication for the rest of Samba’s life, with the pain increasing over time so surgery was the only practical solution.  The surgeries were performed in February and while she is healing well,  Samba is not out of the woods yet because she still needs rehabilitation.  Even with discounts for the surgeries and free medications from APA, Samba’s medical expenses for her owner have exceeded $6000.  Samba’s owner is a college student, so she needs our help in affording these veterinary bills.

Will you help Samba and her mom?