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Shasta is a two-year-old beagle/cattle dog mix who has quickly become a favorite of the staff and volunteers at Austin Pets Alive! With her favorite people, she is sweet, loving, and cuddly. She’s energetic (a rockstar on the agility course!) with the cutest zoomies you will ever see. She loves walking and running, playing with toys (fetch is a favorite), agility, and snuggling hard core. She is adorable!

Shasta was returned by her original adopter because she is very shy with new people. Her issue is what her foster mom calls, “stranger danger”. She does not trust strangers right away. It takes her a while to warm up, but once she does, she rewards you with nothing but love and happiness.

The behavior team would like to send Shasta to the Socialization Immersion Program at the Canine Center. They originally were going to send Shasta to the confidence building class, but it has been decided that this program is a better fit for what Shasta needs. Will you help Shasta learn that strangers are just friends she does not know yet?

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