Update from Chloe

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Last week, Chloe was adopted. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped her get better from her terrible skin infection.

Chloe sent us this letter:

chloe-homeIt’s me – Chloe. I wanted to let you know what my life has been like since I saw you.

I am in a place where it appears that I am the center of the universe. I fit in here real well. In fact, I think I might be in charge although Martha tells me that I could be wrong about that.

It did not take long for me to feel comfortable in my new forever home. I found out that all of the Coleman females love to participate in a sort of hunting and gathering game called shopping. It appears that they are quite good at it and since I am now a Coleman female they have taught me the ropes. We have hunted down and gathered all sorts of stuff. I picked out a bed, some toys, some treats, and a bunch of other stuff. I even got a really pretty pink throne that they call a stroller. I also got my own room that is just my size. It is a small sort of “pup-tent”. It is my own personal space and I really love it. If I need a break from the people I can go in to my room and everybody just lets me do my own thing in there. I like to sleep in it at night. It’s very comfortable and I can have treats in there if I want.

I have been traveling around a lot. Riding in the car is great. I have a seat belt so I feel really secure and I have plenty of room to lie down and sleep while the car is moving. I have been to Kerbey Lane for brunch. They have a great patio and I was warmly welcomed. I have also met Dr. Susan Culp. She is my new doctor and I like her a lot (I like everybody a lot). I have also been to Tapestry where met another dog just like me named Ginger. She is a six year old Shih Tzu. We mostly just barked at first, but I think Ginger and I will be friends.

Life at home is very happy. The people and I play a lot and really like to go play in my big backyard where I have lots of friends. To one side of my yard there are two dogs – a beagle mix and a large Chihuahua. Their names are Lucy and Little Ricky (at least that’s what my people call them). Little Ricky (the Chihuahua) loves to run at the fence and bark. I bark right back at him. I have let him know that I own this backyard and since he is stuck on his side of the fence, his barking does not bother me. In the back of my yard there is a large Old English Sheepdog. I don’t know his name, but he is big and calm. On the other side of my yard is a kennel of yellow labs. They are very friendly and there are a lot of them. Most of the time I can’t really see them because there is a large wood fence dividing most of our yards, and when they all start barking my people say that “Congress is in session”.

When we stay at home I get to play tug on the rope, play with my chew toys and lick faces. In short, life is good and I am very happy.

I want to thank you so much for all the care and attention you gave me so I could get well. My skin is improving everyday and Dr. Culp has a plan for making sure that I am in perfect health. The people in my family obviously love me a great deal and I love them back. I know that I would not have this happy life if you had not given me your love and attention. Also, please let the people at Austin Pets Alive know that the work that they do have allowed me and a lot of other animals to live out long and happy lives. I really hope that a lot of animals in the future are as fortunate as I have been and I know that APA will make sure that that happens.


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