Update on Dixie and her Puppies

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Foster

We first blogged about Dixie and her puppies back some time ago.  We have since heard from the family who adopted one of Dixie’s puppies.  They call him Rocko and they have this to say:


“Well Rocko is the sweetest puppy ever and he loves my children as much as they love him.  I personally think his favorite thing to do is wait for me to sit on the floor so he can climb into my lap and snuggle up like a little baby. He doesn’t know he already weights 15 lbs and is steadily growing. Pretty soon he’ll have to lay next to me and not curled up in my lap. He also loves being outside in the backyard just running around and chasing the kids( just to get them down to his level so he can lick them to death). Oh and his bed is his best friend; if he’s not playing with us he’s asleep on his bed. Over all he’s a really good puppy and he even knows how to sit, come, and go home (to his crate when it’s time to eat or sleep for the night). He hasn’t had any accidents in the house either. We love having him in our family. I’m expecting in July and I feel like he will accept the new baby as if it was his own little brother. But for right now he is our little man of the house.”

We just love hearing stories like this one!  Rocko’s mother, Dixie, is still searching for her forever home.


She is staying in a foster home and is doing really well.  She likes to bark at other dogs at the adoption site, which doesn’t present well, though her foster has found that she is great with both her 100 pound and 9 pound dogs.  She hasn’t shown any aggressive behavior and just needs a night to get comfortable around new dogs.  She watches what they do and mimics them, which is helpful for someone like her who is maturing from puppy to adult.  She is very smart and is learning quickly.  She is crate trained and still needs some work with housetraining.  She is great on the leash and is very loving, without demanding attention.  Her foster says that Dixie just loves being part of a family and will make a great addition to a new family (which she swears is not a biased opinion).  There are so many other good things mentioned (such as she sleeps through the night…is having fun with socialization…) that this post would never end if I listed everything!  To learn more about adopting Dixie, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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