Update: Sparrow

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Where are they now

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us save Sparrow! Her surgery was a great success and she’s already been adopted. Here is some info from her new mom.

We had a great first night together!  She was good as gold all evening and alternated between sleeping on my bed and her dog bed. She is such a sweetheart!  And definitely cuddled a ton with me…she seems to be doing well so far!  Sparrow is the perfect dog (I’m so enjoying her!) I did find a vet for Sparrow who is very interested in her case and actually has spoken to Dr. Vasanjee.  So I’m happy to find a vet who is invested in her. He has such good things to say about Dr. Vasanjee.

Sparrow seems to be doing really well with the transition and already seems pretty attached to me which feels great.  She’s been getting up in bed for snuggling at night before bed and in the morning, and sleeps right by my bed in the little spot I’ve made for her.  She seems happy which makes me happy.  And she is so good and obedient!  Such a great dog.  I’m happy I found her.

One other thing that I’ve really enjoyed about Sparrow is how playful she is. I knew she was going to be really sweet and affectionate but she also likes to “play rough” which I really have a lot of fun with. She gets on my bed all excited and I’ll smack my hands down and she’ll play pounce on my hands. She’ll play bite too but never aggressively. It’s really cute. I used to play like this with my dog growing up and wasn’t sure if she would be as fun in that way. So I’m pleasantly surprised about that part! :)

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