Why Lolli Isn’t Around for SXSW

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Adoptions, Partnerships, Where are they now

Lolli was a staff and volunteer favorite. She would tilt her head and cross her paws in such a way that everyone could easily tell what a curious, smart little lady she was.

LolliIn fact, her cuteness landed her a home. But Lolli is as rambunctious and high energy as she is curious. She came back to our family after only a short while.

This is a story we are all too familiar with. We coach and counsel on the importance of deliberate training and focusing a boisterous dog’s energy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But no one here gives up on dogs like Lolli. We all know there is a perfect home for dogs like her.

And an important partnership with Universal K9 will provide that perfect home.

You may have seen this story on KVUE or FOX: we are working with a detection dog training company to place dogs like Lolli in her dream setting. After far too many days at APA!, Lolli (in addition to four other dogs) can look forward to a purposeful life that will focus their energy and enthusiasm on detection services.

One important element of this partnership is the absence of breed selectivity in choosing the dogs for the training program.

Brad Croft and his team at Universal K9 believe just like we do that every dog is an individual- and any dog with drive can do this kind of work. So our behavior team chose the following high energy, smart and driven dogs to join the crew:

K9Brooklyn K9Lolli K9lucky K9rubyann k9Savannah

(in order: Brooklyn, Lolli, Lucky, Ruby Ann and Savannah)

This innovative partnership is the dream scenario for dogs like Lolli. And although this was an emotional good bye for all of us, we couldn’t be happier for these five amazing K9s.