A home for Brodie

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Where are they now

For those of you who haven’t heard, Brodie was adopted! After spending a full year with APA!, he finally went HOME. We were all extremely excited to say the least and immediately asked for updates from Brodie’s wonderful and patient foster, Frank. Frank is continuing to work with Brodie and his adopter to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

Frank wrote an update for us:

Gary is catching on quickly with the training. He’s practicing and has made arrangements with Training by Tara to go for classes. There was some separation anxiety at first but that has lessened. He took Brodie to his band practice yesterday and Brodie behaved well. When I came to visit he was good at respecting my personal space. We worked on sit-stay-come-sit again and Brodie did well even when we threw some loops at him. I even got him to climb up on a picnic table on two tries. He attended to, but did not react to two dogs that were nearby.

Again, thanks to you all for having faith in Brodie and for all you’ve done for him and, of course, for giving me the opportunity to work with him.

And Gary, the adopter gave an update as well:

The whole family loved him and Brodie was very well behaved even around the small children who were being very unpredictable and only listening on occasion. I gave him a rib bone and he was in heaven after that. My sister has a rat terrier that pee’d herself after seeing him but he he’s been doing really well around other dogs. I think after he has a lot more experiences around people and other dogs he’ll be just fine so i’m looking for as many situations with people and dogs as I can find…just hard to find people with well behaved dogs. I found Brodie a crate on craigslist also, it’s really big and he seems to like it a lot. I’m moving into a duplex soon so he’s going to have a small yard and a neighborhood soon.

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