Announcing the Neville Memorial Fund

by maryheerwald • Posted in: General

It is with heavy hearts that we share this news: a very special dog – Neville – has passed away from a sudden internal rupture. Our thoughts and gratitude go out to the incredible woman who came from afar to provide Neville with a real home and the care he needed because she knew he deserved to live. We all hoped that many more years were in Neville’s future. But thanks to the hard work of all the people who supported him and fought for what was right, Neville died on his own terms.

In many ways, Neville became an icon of what we stand for at APA!. His story shows just how important every single animal is. He was the little dog who inspired a nation – who showed all of us what can be accomplished by coming together and standing for what we believe in. Lives can and will be saved.

Over the past 6 months, as he was nurtured with love, Neville was given the chance to release so much mistrust and fear. Last night, he passed away on his owner Beverly’s lap.

In his honor, we are announcing the creation of the Neville Memorial Fund for dogs with medical and/or legislative needs. This is a dedicated fund for saving dogs – like Neville – who are on caught on the “final frontier” and deserve to be saved. The fund has also been developed to commemorate the Beverly, the compassionate woman who took Neville into her house and made it into his home.

Neville stands for lifesaving, and we could not think of a better way to remember him and his story than to make it possible for other dogs like him to live their best lives.

Neville, you will be missed.

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Looking Back on Neville’s Story with APA!: