Armstrong Pup

by lindsaymccay • Posted in: General

This adorable puppy’s name is Armstrong – and for good reason – he is quite the survivor! He was brought in to the shelter with an extremely swollen front leg that had been broken recently and never treated. The shelter was going to euthanize him, so APA! stepped in and saved his life. We got him some x-rays and found that he has a broken leg, and had developed an infected pocket of fluid around it. We drained the fluid, set his broken leg and put him on antibiotics. In the end, however, we were unable to save the leg and it had to be amputated – the surgery cost us close to $1,000!  He is now a very happy puppy who gets around well on 3 legs, and will live a long, comfortable life thanks to the life saving efforts of everyone at APA! If you could please donate just a few dollars to offset the cost of his treatments and help us save more lives we would really appreciate it!

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