Benny’s new home

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Our Benny, now Finney,  is doing great.  He had to have a couple of colon reattachment procedures, but they finally held and he’s been doing great.

He was adopted at SweetBarks in February.  His new family met him when he was working at the puppy kissing booth.  Here’s an update from them:

well overall, finney’s a pretty neat little guy and everyone adores him.

he has a couple of war wounds from the “my mouth is bigger than your mouth” game he likes to play with angel, but they don’t seem to bother him.


saturday was bath day, so we headed over to dirty dog. i think he was pleasantly surprised that he didn’t die, and the cookies at the end seemed to make everything better.

he’s such a funny little guy. we took angel and finney for a walk one night last week and then put them in the house so we could move a piece of wood outside – literally 90 seconds. when we came back in, he’d taken three items out of the little recycle bin we keep by the door. i said, “hey!” and angel, who’d been watching all this, slunk off to her room. i asked finney, “did you do this?” and he looked at me as if to say, “why YES, i DID! and i did a really good job, huh?” and then he picked up an empty can and trotted off, tail wagging and head in the air, into the living room with his treasure. so we’re working on some things :) but it’s our favorite finney story so far.

Thank you to everyone who helped and donated for this sweet, sweet boy who is now completely healed and living the high life.

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