Bottle Baby Progress Report

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Donations, Rescue, Volunteering

We’re excited to share some amazing statistics about our Bottle Baby Program: between January 1 – April 22 of this year, the program has rescued 515 cats/kittens between 0-6 weeks old (compared to last year at this time, when we had saved 225 babies – all of the unweaned kittens that came into the Austin Animal Center).

Of the 515:

  • 335 were neonates with no mom (89% survival rate)
  • 180 were moms with babies on intake (91% survival rate )
  • The majority of the orphaned babies we have rescued have been 4 weeks old
  • The majority of babies we rescued with moms have been 7 days old

(Note: this does not include babies that have been born in foster, but we’ll be sure to include that number in our next update!)

As a point of reference, our 2011 year-end totals were:

  • Neonates – 837 (85% survival rate)
  • Moms with babies on intake – 152 (89% survival rate)
  • Pregnant moms & births after intake – 37 (90% survival rate)

Every volunteer feeder is saving a life, like the one shown here, Theodore. He came in by himself, got very sick, and had to be tube fed because he couldn’t breathe. He was nebulized 24×7 to help clear his lungs, and now he is thriving. He may have some scar tissue on his right eye, but that is a small thing compared to the alternative he faced at the shelter before coming to the Neonatal Ward.

Every donation of food and supplies is saving a life. Our kittens go through a lot of formula and food as they grow.

Every person who lends a hand in the nursery…no matter what dish you wash, snuggle disk you heat, laundry you fold, or transport you complete… is contributing to these high survival rates. It may seem daunting at times, but our amazing team of volunteers is making a difference!! To join our team, click here to complete the volunteer application.