Chief’s broken leg is healing!

by lindsaymccay • Posted in: Rescue

chiefSome of you may have met me already, my name’s Chief, I’m a Dalmatian puppy. I was found wandering the streets of Austin with a bunch of cuts, scrapes, and worst of all – a broken leg bone that was sticking through the skin! Ouch! The shelter picked me up and took me to the doctor, where I was diagnosed with a broken bone and a bad bone infection. They called APA for help because they knew my medical bills were going to be too much and they would have to put me to sleep, even though I’d become a staff favorite.

Thankfully APA stepped up and now I’m living temporarily with an awesome lady and taking my medicine every day (you can read more about me on her blog).

At first Dr. Jefferson at APA thought I might need my leg amputated (gulp!), but they decided to try giving me special antibiotics for 3 months to see if I could keep my leg. And now, 1 month later, I’m starting to use my leg and I heard I might be able to keep it! I’m so thankful that APA saved my life and gave me a chance – I feel bad though, my x-rays, exams, and 2 more months of medicine are going to cost them $600. If you could help raise a little of that money by donating and telling your friends your friends, I’d be so grateful! If you can help raise enough money APA will be able to save even more puppies like me who have no where else to turn! Thank you so much!

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