Colorful Kittens!

by shoreyr • Posted in: Foster, Fundraising, Rescue, Volunteering

I was volunteering at a cat adoption event a few weekends ago, and nearly every available kitty was a brown striped tabby. Now, I love brown striped tabby cats (I have a couple of my own), but everyone loves a little variety, right? Lo and behold, one of our Bottle Baby fosters sent me some photos of the litter she is caring for (the “J” litter) and it reminded me… we have a lot of colorful kittens in foster care right now, all growing into the 8 weeks/2 pounds requirement before they can be “adoption ready.” Many will be at the Spring Fling event at the PetSmart on Ohlen Road on May 1st.



“N” litter – Nacho & “Q” litter – Quinn

One of 4 in the “R” litter – Riggs

“Y” litter – Yvonne & Yvette

“F2” Litter: Fiona, Frenchie, Flora, Finnegan, Frieda; “D” Litter: Diego; “W” Litter: Winnie & Wylie

“Q2” Litter: Queenie

“B3” Litter: Beans, Belvedere, Bowser & Blueberry

We continue to look for volunteers to care for the Bottle Babies at our Neonatal Trailer, as well as fosters for these gorgeous babies.

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