Curly – from wild man to gentleman

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Curly, who was one our longest staying dogs in our program, was adopted a few months ago. We received an email from his adopter and have to share it – stories like this are what we all live for. I think his story is particularly moving for us because we know how many dogs like Curly are dying at the shelter – high energy, untrained adolescents who don’t do well at adoption sites, but can make wonderful pets if given the chance (and training).

“It’s been almost 4 months since we adopted Curly, and we decided to give yall an update! First off, we now call him Hurley, and he is doing wonderful. Hurley’s behavior has improved GREATLY- He is such an awesome dog to be around! Every time we go visit a dog park or he has a play date with other dogs, he seems to be the life of the party. He still loves to goof off and also chase squirrels, but he has become much more disciplined and obedient!

He loves playing with our other dog. They are best friends now. He also likes to hide under the coffee table and take a nap while we watch a movie or play video games. Sometimes he even likes to cuddle up on the couch and watch with us. He has declared his spot on the couch and if anyone sits on it, he’ll lay right on top of you until you get the hint!

Once he warmed up to us, he loved to please us and is great at training. He would learn his commands and tricks in a matter of minutes! He is a completely different dog now! Hurley has learned to sit and wait while I go to the pantry and get his food, he always sits and waits before he goes through the front door or to go in the car, and he now LOVES his new kennel!

Hurley was the definitely the best decision, and he and I are almost inseparable. With a little discipline, Hurley has become a wonderful dog to be around! Everyone loves him, and nobody can believe it when I say he used to be a wild child!

I cannot thank you enough, Brytne, for what you do and thank all of APA! for giving Hurley a second chance. By you giving him a second chance, both Hurley and I have found a best friend in each other. Hurley is such an amazing dog who just needs to be loved. We took a couple pictures for yall of Hurley. Since this was a “Special Occasion” we all agreed he needed to wear his tie.”

Thank you to everyone who helped Mr. Curly get to the home he deserves, especially his foster home who had him for 6 months and took him on daily runs, to training, and never let him in their backyard without being on a leash, because otherwise he’d jump their fence to go play with neighborhood dogs.

3 Responses to "Curly – from wild man to gentleman"

  1. bradsays: April 14, 2010 at 9:09 am

    Curly is one of the coolest and smartest dogs ever. I am so glad he has found such a great family that loves him and understands him. The tie looks good!!!

  2. Sarah Dsays: April 14, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Yay Curly! He was one of my favorites, and I am glad it all worked out for him.

    I love high energy dogs (provided they are getting lots of exercise). We have a catahoula mix that has to hike, run, or play soccer everyday. It is a great way for us to get lots of exercise too!

  3. Brytnesays: April 20, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Words cannot express how happy I am for Curly. I love that crazy pup!