FeLV+ cats need love, too!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

Not all of the cats at APA! are getting the attention they deserve!

We currently have several cats that are positive for FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), and we wanted to brag about just how wonderful they are. They are currently completely healthy and simply in need of some heavy TLC.

These cats typically live up to 4 or so years after receiving their diagnosis for FeLV, and for the remainder of their life, they can only live with dogs, other non-feline animals, or other cats that are also FeLV positive. They do need to remain indoors always, eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and seek regular vet care if they ever show signs of illness. Because these cats have a special diagnosis their adoption fee is $0.00, and all FeLV-related medical treatment they may need in their future is completely provided by APA!

So, if you don’t know what your plans are after the next 5 years or so but would love to welcome a new family member into your life, check out a couple of our sweet friends and find your perfect companion!


Axel has only one good eye, but he is still as dashing as can be! It’s kind of like he’s always winking at you. He is a total sweetheart who loves to have his head scratched and his tummy rubbed. When you feed him or give him treats, he meows, purrs, and rubs up against you happily. He is a very appreciative guy who is always thrilled to see you!


Kemper has his own poem, written by a talented young lady:

Before I introduce myself
I’d like to mention this
If you haven’t noticed yet
You must give me a kiss
Well here I am
My name is Kemper
I’ve very sweet and mellow
And I never lose my temper
I know you love
My black and white
So please adopt me
I’ll be very polite


Thor makes you feel not only loved, but like he is your best friend. Soon after meeting you, he allows you to hold him – and even do the airplane! He is very good about letting you know when he wants affection, play time, food, and even when he is not satisfied with your litter box maintenance. He is a great balance between playfulness and calmness, and perfect for anyone looking for a best bud.

To prove how wonderful these sweet kitties are, we wanted to share with you a blurb from one of our previous FeLV+ adopters!

“Arvak is adjusting very well in his new home!!  It only took him about 30 minutes after leaving the carrier to feel comfortable in his new forever home.  He loves lounging around (on the couch, floor, or in anybody’s lap), playing with string, and even watching tv!  In the morning, he loves to run around the house like a wild kitty and slide on the wood floor.  He wants to be anywhere you are and will meow if he doesn’t know your location in the house.

Arvak hasn’t been fully acquainted with the dogs of the house quite yet, but seems really interested in making some new friends!  Visitors have a hard time believing he is a FeLV+ cat because of his love and energy.  People just assume that a FeLV+ cat will be more work and seem lethargic/sickly all of the time when this is simply not the case.  Arvak (as well as all of the other FeLV+ cats that I go visit every week) is the sweetest kitty with lots of energy and requires no extra work than any other cat.  I look forward to coming home to have him purr while lay in my lap for the (hopefully) many years to come.”

For more information on how to adopt one of these sweeties, email email hidden; JavaScript is required. A full list of our adoptable cats can be found here.