First Connect Insurance Partners with APA!

by Joshua Lee • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Education, Events, Fundraising, General, Organizational, Outreach, Partnerships

We are thrilled to announce our unique partnership with First Connect Insurance. First Connect is the “first” auto insurance provider with a heart and mission to give back to the community in your own backyard.

Their mission is to cultivate respect for their customers’ premium dollars by contributing a 10% profit sharing check to each individual who is claims free for the policy year and then giving that individual the opportunity to give back to a nonprofit they support. First Connect shares the same values and social consciousness that you and your family share, which is why they are partnering with Austin Pets Alive!

Here’s how it works: Those policy holders who maintain a claims free report for a year and select to donate a portion or all of their 10% profit sharing checks to APA! will have a check written out to APA! in their name, which might also qualify as a tax deductible donation. It’s a win-win!

If you are interested in learning more about First Connect Insurance’s claims free profit sharing program, visit

First Connect Insurance believes in the future of all of our furry friends, our community and all those who live in it, two legged and four!


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