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by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Behavior, Foster, Pets Needing Homes, Special Needs Pets

We hope you’ve heard by now about APA!’s Fresh Start Program!  In case you missed it, you can catch up by reading our blog announcement!   

Fresh Start is a behavioral rehabilitation program for the 8-10 highest need Austin Pets Alive! dogs available for adoption.  These are awesome, adoptable dogs who just need “a little something extra” to get them on the road home. 

Because these dogs spend most of their time at the APA! Adoption & Resource Center as part of Fresh Start, they aren’t always as visible as the other dogs in our program.  We’re hoping to change that with the Giving Dogs a Fresh Start Facebook page but we need YOUR help!

Step 1:  Head over and “like” the page and suggest it to your friends!

Step 2: Make it (aka the doggies) visible!  Tell friends, family, co-workers, your mailman…about the program!  Share and re-post content!  Tweet things or use whatever other nifty social media is out there!  Anything you can think of to turn our Fresh Start pups into rockstars and get them headed home!

Step 3:  Mission HOME!  If you are thinking of adopting or fostering, please consider a Fresh Start dog.  Most of these pups haven’t had an easy beginning.  APA! has given them a chance at a new life but the final piece of the puzzle is a real home with the love and support they deserve.

Ask an APA! volunteer or staff member and most of us will tell you that these dogs are the best in our program.  We love them and we really hope you will too!  Everyone needs a little help sometimes and the Fresh Start pups are here to ask for yours!

*Photo 1: Louie by Angela Lozano

*Photo 2: Slinky by Summer Huggins

*Photo 3: Chumba Wumba by Dawn Morehouse

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