Have you met Buck Norris?

by Marketing • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

A Guest Post by Sarah Gray

Buck smileWhen Buck Norris walks into a room, he doesn’t turn the lights on. He turns the dark off. He is the most interesting dog in the world and is prepared to keep the darkness at bay in return for games of fetch and belly rubs.

He has been known to make cat people reconsider, and Buck is such a strong swimmer, he once swam across the Gulf of Mexico just to bring back a tennis ball. They say some magicians can walk on water, but Buck can swim through land. If you play fetch, you may find that Buck has to slow down so the ball can catch up.

Buck ball_poolBut he’s not too fast that he’ll forget to enjoy the simple perks in life. Buck doesn’t just appreciate the small things in life; you could say the small things appreciate him. Romps in a majestic forest, a festive gnaw on a toy, peanut butter in a Kong. And when your adventures together meet day’s end, word on the street is that Buck Norris wrote A Dog’s Guide to Cuddling. Plus, he’s got that irresistible, blocky head. You know what they say about big-headed dogs? All the more easy it is to give kisses.

Buck Norris’s eyes reflect the sunrise—before the sun is even up. And he is so house-trained, he once peed in a semitruck’s gas tank. That truck turned into Optimus Prime. You’re welcome, Earth.

bucktuxWomen fight over the privilege to walk this stoic dog. Men beat themselves up for not being this dog. He’s so perfect on leash, you might as well be walking air. Yeah, he’s that good. You may think to yourself, “I don’t know. I always imagined having multiple dogs.” I hear you. But once you see how Buck’s muscles flex as he runs, the way he smiles during a session of belly rubs, or heck, even the gleam of his buckskinned coat, you’ll realize one Buck Norris is worth a thousand dogs.

Buck Norris already has a devoted fan club at Austin Pets Alive!, and while his love and loyalty to us makes our hearts burst with joy with so much as a glance from his sparkling eyes, the truth is that Buck maintains constant vigilance for his forever companion. He is the most interesting dog in the world, and he’s ready to turn your house into a home. Are you ready?

Adopt Buck.