Hova Bear

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Rescue

hovabearOne of the wonderful things about dogs is their indomitable spirits. They just want to have fun, give affection and get affection, even when life has been hard on them. This is especially true of a little black bear, errrr, dog who recently came into APA!’s foster program.

Hova Bear had a really rough start in life. He’s only about 12 weeks old, and when he came to APA! he had mange, a massive hernia, AND a broken pelvis. On top of that, he caught parvo! Poor puppy! And yet, as he lay in the vet’s office with all that going on, he still wagged his tail and tried to lift his head when a new person came into the room.

Fortunately, all of his issues are pretty much behind him now. The mange is gone (although he still has a little bald spot to fill in), the pelvis doesn’t require surgery and his back legs are getting stronger each day. He beat the parvo and, may or may not need a little surgery for his hernia, but it is nothing he can’t handle. He is feeling much better as you can tell in his video debut.

This little guy is such a happy, sweet and loving pup in spite of the hard knocks he was dealt. It is amazing to see. He is ready for adoption and is sure to bring joy to his forever home.

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