Mega’s Bad Luck Back Legs – FUND COMPLETED!

by Medical Team • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins

*UPDATE* Thanks to a generous donor a check has come in to complete Mega’s fund. Thank you to all who have donated!

labrador at no kill shelter needs leg surgery

A two year old lab mix was made for jumping fences, chasing squirrels, leaping for kisses, and bouncing for joy. That’s why Mega looks so bummed out – she can’t fulfill any of her rightful labrador duties until she has surgery on both of her back legs. If you’ve ever had a torn ACL, you know how painful it can be. Luckily, Austin Pets Alive! has had wonderful luck fixing up these pups with a procedure called a bilateral TPLO. If Mega has any hope of living up to her breed’s reputation, then she needs your help to fix up those haunches to get back into prime running shape.

Mega dreams of chasing squirrels.

This sweet pup will run an extra lap in your honor around her new forever home if you could lend her a few bucks toward her recovery!