Report from TLAC (with APA! notes:)

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Hi All,

We received good news from the TLAC Director.  I have inserted our numbers in red after each line about TLAC’s numbers.  I think we should all be very proud and keep up the good work!  It shows how much progress (on behalf of APA! and everyone else working on making Austin No Kill) has been made but also how much more needs to happen.  Get involved and save more lives!

From TLAC:

Good news so far this year!
>For this fiscal year:
>Total euthanasia rate is 29% compared to 45% at the same time last fiscal year.

APA! rescued 559 animals in fiscal year 09 (Oct 1, 2008 thru Feb 28, 2009) so far off of the euthanasia list.  2075 dogs and cats were still euthanized.  That means we decreased the 09 euthanasia rate by 21% of what it would have been this year.

Without APA! the percent of animals euthanized would have been 35% instead of 29%.  It seems like a small change but when you look at the intake number decrease, our impact is huge in saving lives.

>Cat euthanasia rate is 36% compared to 60% at the same time last fiscal year. We saved 118 cats from euthanasia out of 971 that were on the euthanasia list (853 did die).  Or 12% were saved by APA! since we started our cat program in November of 2008 (we need more help here – fosters, donors, volunteers!)

>Dog euthanasia rate is 24% compared to 36% at the same time last fiscal year. We saved 441 dogs from euthanasia out of 1663 that were on the euth list (1222 died).  Or 27% were saved by APA!.

>For the fiscal year:
>Cat intake is down 33%
>Dog intake is down 5%

We are working on ways to measure the effect of our pass program on intake to help people rehome and keep their pets instead of dropping off at TLAC.

>Thanks and congratulations to our staff, partners, and volunteers
>that make this happen.  This truly a group effort.  There are many groups participating in saving lives.  This is great news for all of us.
>Kathryn Sharp TLAC Rescue Office

2 Responses to "Report from TLAC (with APA! notes:)"

  1. Ashleysays: April 14, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Congratulations on the role APA! played in these dramatically decreased euthanasia rates. All of you at APA! are heroes! Austin thanks you!

  2. jean hislesays: April 23, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    thank you so much for what you do !!