The Walgreen’s Kittens!

by RianeFrasher • Posted in: Donations, P.A.S.S., Rescue, Volunteering

This adorable bunch of kittens is one of many bottle litters we have seen so far this season.

Walgreen's Kittens

Alec, Archer, Ace, Annabelle, Amelie, Adelaide, and two other litter-mates were found in a box outside Walgreen’s by wonderful people, who cared for them. They even found a home for two of these precious babies! Eventually they had to give them up though. Luckily, there was room in APA’s Bottle Baby Nursery for these little guys, and volunteers are now taking care of these 2.5 week old kittens. The kittens will remain in the Nursery until a foster is found. A foster commitment for these kittens would last around 5 weeks, or until they are big enough to be adopted!

We are always in need of  volunteers in the Nursery and fosters for our kittens, and we’d love to have you join the team! Follow the babies on their very own Facebook page, or donate cash to the kittens. Caring for kittens this age is extremely important to their health and overall well-being as they grow, which is why we are so reliant on our wonderful team of volunteers and fosters!

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