Thumbelina needs surgery

by lindsaymccay • Posted in: Rescue

This sweet pup’s name is Thumbelina – she’s a very petite, very lovely pit bull mix. We pulled her from Town Lake Animal Center 2 weeks ago because she had some knee problems that were going to cause her to get euthanized. The problems are treatable, and she was so sweet we decided to pull her out and get her the treatments she needs. We had x-rays done of her knees, and discovered she has the same problem in both knees, and will need a specialized surgery. Fortunately, Animal Trustees of Austin is going to do this surgery for us for a reduced price. Unfortunately, that price is going to be $600 for both knees! We think this adorable dog is worth it, and it would help very much if you could donate a few dollars to put towards the cost of her surgery. Thank you for your consideration, we will keep you updated on her progress!

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