Volunteer of the Month: The Bridge Family

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The Bridge Family (Cathy, Bob, Mary and Rob) has at least one family member at the building every single day helping with dog walking, building projects, fund raising projects, basically wherever Austin Pets alive needs help.  We are truly blessed to have their support and dedication.  THANK YOU, awesome Bridge Family!  We asked several employees and volunteers to share their experience with this amazing family:

“The Bridge Family is the best thing since sliced bread!  Every time the dogs are in need, there they are!  Cathy, Bob & Mary make the APA dogs’ lives better every freakin’ day with their love, affection, concern, and hard work!  They are also fun to be around!  LOVE YOU BRIDGES!” – Ariana Gum

“Mary and Cathy are two of the most dedicated volunteers at APA! Their commitment to the dog needs program has made such a difference in the life of our dogs. Whether leading the morning or night dog walking shifts or giving up their weekends to help wrangle mangy (and contagious!) pups just brought in from Bastrop, the Bridge’s never let down the APA! dogs.” – Melissa Miller

“Their commitment to the behavioral well-being of the dogs is much appreciated by the behavior team and we need 100 more of them!” – Steve Debono

“The Bridge family is constantly making strides to make APA better for the animals and the people. They are committed to making APA all that it can be.  Mary raised money for the fence and she and Cathy got almost all of Winnie’s surgery money covered themselves.  Cathy and Mary are the “A” team of the dog walking shift leads. We would be lost without them.” – Savannah Lightfoot

“If I weren’t already an adult I’d ask the Bridge family to adopt me.  First of all, their entire family volunteers with APA.  Second of all, they are amazing and always the first to ask “What can I do to help?”  Third, Cathy and Bob have raised some wonderful kids in Mary and Rob. They are the most amazing teens I’ve ever met.” – Jessica Marsh

“The Bridge family is amazing.  They answer every volunteer plea, they arrive early and stay late, every time.  They have helped build up the Dog Walking Program and continue to bring on new and fantastic people!  They simply want to help APA! be the best place in the world for the animals in it’s care.  They take wonderful care of the staff and volunteers, they push very hard to improve the quality of life for our dogs. The Bridge family really embodies the spirit of APA.  They are doing everything they can ‘To promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals’. They pretty much rock!!!!!” – Holly Livermore

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