Volunteer Spotlight – Melissa Jones

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: Volunteering

Melissa Jones started volunteering with Austin Pets Alive! because of her passion for dogs and her love of APA!’s mission – saving cats and dogs deemed potentially ‘unadoptable.’ Unfortunately, Melissa’s job and her own dog, Crosby, prevent her from being able to volunteer much during the week, but she makes sure to come out any Saturday that she can. One of those Saturdays, while she was on-site to walk dogs, Melissa passed through our Adoption Center (Building B) and thought, “This place could really use some love!”

An architect by day, Melissa immediately shared the thought of a remodel with her team at CTA Architect Engineers. “I brought the idea of a volunteer project up since we have so many dog owners and lovers – everyone was in!” Melissa said. Her team worked with Faith, APA!’s Facilities Manager, to figure out everything from paint colors to scheduling. They even arranged to have all necessary supplies donated!

In just three days, Melissa and her co-workers cleaned, patched holes, filled in the bases of the wall, filled in the walls, moved cables out of the way, repainted walls and doors, installed new counters and floors and created a more open space for potential adopters to come through. “We had a blast,” Melissa said.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Month this April, Melissa (and her team) are just one example of the dedicated and amazing people who make up the Austin Pets Alive! volunteer base. All of the work we do here wouldn’t be possible without our a volunteers and the different skills, energy and passion they bring with them every day. Over 1,700 active volunteers generously donate their time – both at the APA! campus and offsite – to help make a difference in the lives of Austin’s most vulnerable animals.

Thank you, APA! volunteers – and come check out our new Adoption Center!