7 Lifehacks for Animal Foster Parents

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Education, Foster


Use a shower caddy to store your furry friend’s goodies.

Animal Storage


Calm your furry friend during a storm with an all-natural dryer sheet.

Sometimes, the storm itself is not what’s frightening the animal. Rather, the build-up of static electricity in their fur gets them riled… the dryer sheet calms this static. 

Animal in Storm


Use frozen broth or water and a pet-friendly fruit of choice as an inexpensive summer treat.

This is as easy as pouring  broth or water into an ice tray with a fruit of choice. The liquid will freeze, leaving a tasty summer-time treat for your favorite fur-balls to enjoy.

 Homemade Animal Snack


Use a thoroughly cleaned squeeze container and a caribeaner to craft a make-shift on the go water bottle for your dog.

This make shift water bottle makes for an easy hiking companion and is great for quick drinks of water straight from the bottle as well as a quick spray down to beat the heat.

Animal Hiking Solution


Use cushions and an old pair of pants to craft a lap for your lap-sitting companions. 

Learn more about this craft here!

Animal Lap Sitter Solution


Make your own living-room-décor-friendly dog crate.

Furniture friendly crates are often expensive and sometimes hard to come by. IKEA has a reasonable selection of storage tables that can easily (and inexpensively) transform into the perfect hiding space for your canine or feline companions.

Animal Furniture Crate


Clean the dog or cat spaces with a squeegee.

If vacuuming the bed/tower/stairs/other furry spots isn’t an option, try a squeegee. These will collect the fur for easy pick up.

Clean up Animal Fur


Interested in trying out these ideas but need a foster friend of your very own? Find out more about our foster program now!