Adopt an FELV+ Cat: Watch Out World, it’s Pippi Longstocking!

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This is the second post in a series of posts about cats in the Austin Pets Alive! Cat Program that have tested postitive for Feline Leukemia. Many shelters and rescue organizations have previously euthanized kittens and cats that test positive for FeLV. In our efforts to help Austin reach No-Kill status, we believe that FeLV+ kitties who otherwise appear healthy do not fall into the “suffering and untreatable” category and deserve a chance to find their own families and homes. Many can live long, happy lives. Pippi Longstocking is one of these cats. This is her story…

Pippi Longstocking (aka Empress Pippilicious) is 6 1/2 years old, loves cuddling and purrs almost instantly when you touch her. She has very interesting tortoiseshell markings and a unique face. A lot of people describe her as gorgeous and regal, and the golden highlights around her eyes give her a wonderful expression.

She enjoys sitting on window ledges surveying her domain, but most of her time is spent sleeping in a little ball.  Pippi is fine with groups of people and lots of noise – she has infinite amounts of love for people. She will never turn down a pet or a cuddle and will allow it for as long as your arms don’t get tired!

An APA volunteer who recently met Pippi says, “I couldn’t believe how cuddly and content she seemed in my arms. I had never met her before & was really surprised how easily she found comfort in letting me hold and pet her. She is so incredibly soft, she obviously takes pride in her gorgeous long coat!”

Pippi’s left eye has an old injury, which has caused vision impairment. Other than that, it does not bother her at all. As a longhaired kitty, she is a great self-groomer, and you can see from this video her playful side.

Because she has Feline Leukemia, this means she needs to be an indoor-only kitty and needs to be fed a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. Her disease is contagious to other cats, so she would need to be the only cat in the home, but it is NOT contagious to any non-cat  animal or humans. Pippi has even been in a foster home with a dog. Read more about FeLV.

Pippi would be great for someone with a small home or apartment! She just loves to be held and pet, she purrs as soon as you sit next to her. If you enjoy fluffy, cuddly kitties who never say no to a good lap and think Pippi might be a fit for you, email email hidden; JavaScript is required to find out how to meet her.

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