April numbers

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

We posted our April numbers yesterday.  We brought 179 dogs and cats into our program and adopted out 116, bringing the grand total (in 10 months) to 1,390 and 1,190, respectively.

The city’s kill rate has stayed steady at 29% from last month, down from 44% this time last year.  Cats are at 35% and dogs are at 24%.

The kittens are, of course, pouring in.  We also brought in 67 kittens already the first 10 days of May.  However, we’re still having to leave some behind, which is why we’re so excited to get our new neonatal ward up and going to take the rest for whom we do not have fosters yet.  And we will always, always need more foster homes.

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