Black, Beautiful, and Ready for a Home!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Pets Needing Homes

What creates a long-stay shelter dog?  In most cases, volunteers and staff are mystified about why our favorite dogs sometimes take the longest to get adopted.

There is one strange and unexplained phenomenon that we know turns some of the world’s most awesome pups into those who’ve been waiting for their homes the longest: Black Dog Syndrome.  What the heck, right?  How can a dog’s coat color effect their adoption chances?  It sounds silly and hard to believe but the fact is that black dogs are adopted about half as often as their other colored counterparts.  That teeny black puppy pictured above has no way of knowing his soft black fur might make things a little tougher.  We’re hoping to help change that!

We have LOTS of beautiful, unique ebony colored canines here at APA! who are more than ready to go home!  Featured below are 4 who’ve been at our shelter the longest…

Sheila! Sheila is a very good girl.  She’s an affectionate, fast learner who’s eager to please and interact with her person.  She is the perfect age and energy level and has those special qualities that make rottie mixes such completely wonderful dogs; loyalty, smarts, and a sense of humor!

Zorro! Zorro is a rockstar of a dog!  He is instantly charming and even impressive with his very unique and strikingly handsome looks, intelligence that sparkles in his alert and attentive eyes, and eagerness to get up and go on whatever adventure you’ve got in mind!

Mia! Mia’s story is heartbreaking.  She spent the first years of her life starved, beaten, and tied to a tree.  As much as knowing that makes you want to cry on Mia’s behalf, that’s not what she’s asking for.  Mia just wants to go home.  In that amazing way that only dogs can, she has put her past behind her and is a happy, loving girl ready to give her trust to humans that deserve it this time.

These four gorgeously dark coated pooches are just a handful of the awesome black doggies APA! has for adoption!  Check out our website to see them all and be sure to read up on our long-stay black pups in foster; Penelope, Sassy, Diamond, & Athena!  They’re ready to move from foster home to forever home!  If you’d like more information or want to meet any of our black beauties, email email hidden; JavaScript is required!

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