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This big tom cat showed up at TLAC with some bad teeth but that didn’t stop him from wanting affection from everyone at the shelter. His medical needs landed him on the euthanasia list but APA! agreed to foster him. After getting some teeth pulled (he is all better now and you’d never know he had a problem) he made his way into a comfortable foster home where he can relax after all the stress of being in a shelter.

Donald would make a great solo cat for someone who wants a low maintenance cat who is fun and laid back. He is a companion cat, a playful sidekick. He’s not a lap cat but once Donald gets to know you he opens up and loves being around you. His foster parent says Donald likes following her around the house from room to room. Even though he’s full grown he still acts like a playful kitten – playing chase and “hunting.”

When he’s not on the hunt he’s a pretty quiet, mellow, independent kitty. Donald is an easy going sweet heart who is perfectly content to be petted and have his head scratched by a loving hand.

See this short video of Donald in action and imagine him as part of your home.

Go visit his profile to learn more about this big orange tom cat or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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