Flash Gives Back

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Special Needs Pets

Flash and his mom

Some of you may remember Flash and his amazing recovery story. After being thrown off an overpass and subsequently being hit by a car, Flash was taken into our care and went into a loving foster home. Despite a broken pelvis, broken leg and nearly a year to heal, Flash is a healthy, happy boy who adores life and his family.

We recently heard from Flash’s family and wanted to share this heartwarming story about giving back.

The other night while sleeping peacefully in my bed, my son in his bed, I was awakened to a noise outside my window. Flash growled a bit alerting me that he heard it too. I fell back to sleep because I always feel safe with Flash on duty. I was awakened to what sounded like hail beating on the back glass patio door and the deep barks of Flash. I walked towards the back patio. Pulled open the blinds up to see that the hail sound was actually glass popping. This whole time Flash was going bananas trying to get out through his locked doggie door. I screamed for my son to call 911. While on the phone with 911 operator, cops were on the scene.  The officers were able to discover that someone tried to pry open my glass door and it shattered (hail noise) due to the privacy bar I had in place. The officers told me that my dog was more than likely responsible for scaring off the bad guys.

We live in a safe area, but apparently our house was a target due to an empty rental property next door and our semi-enclosed patio. It gave the thieves privacy. I am sure they thought nobody was home either. Until they heard my Flash! I believe in my heart that Flash is a thankful dog and he saved me from a possible dangerous situation that night. So once again, I thank you for choosing me to pick up my Flash a year and a half ago.