Flash update

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We received an update on Flash, the boy who survived falling off of a 40ft. overpass and then being hit by a car. He is doing great!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help him and especially to his foster who adopted him and have taken him from dog who was discarded over an overpass to dog who is so loved that they traded in their car for one that is better suited for him!

“We just love him so much! We just passed our 5th month anniversary with Flash!

He is our little soldier :) He wants to be such a good dog. If anyone in the house says his name, even if I am on the phone just talking about him, he runs to attention! My husband and I joke around and say “Sir, I’m here, what would you like me to do now sir? Here I am sir”

He has such a great personality. He lets his Yorkie brother run the show. Flash has a gentle spirit and is very loving and appreciative to have a home.

He has recovered well. He is off all meds and is doing great with his physical therapy. He loves walks!

He is a wise dog. He knows where he has been, he has learned to trust us humans again :) although he is a little protective over his home and takes awhile to warm up to people.

He loves to cuddle and give hugs :) He jumps up on his bed (beside ours) every night at 9pm on the dot, just like clock work and is nudging me at 6am on the dot, even on the weekends!

He loves car rides. We traded in our family sedan for a SUV for Flash. So we call it Flash’s Tahoe.

Flash is one of a kind. He is a fighter and a survivor. He has changed our lives.

Thank you Austin Pets Alive for Flash! When I watch him play and run, I think back to the first 3 months with his broken body, carrying him out to do his business and listening to him whine in pain, I see how far he has come and that he got a second chance at life like every dog deserves!”

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  1. Adonis Smithsays: May 29, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    Might have seen flash jump off overpass. Happy to see him do so well