Fluffy Charise

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes

Charise is a gorgeous smoky black kitty who is looking for a loving home to call her own. Charise has a beautiful long coat that she carefully maintains. It’s silky soft and fluffy and possibly her best physical feature. Or that could be her tail. Or her eyes, or… well, you get the idea. Charise is a lovely feline lady. At only 2 years old, Charise has had a stressful past. In fact, when we first met her she was so completely stressed about having been in the shelter that she over-groomed her beautiful coat and had created some bald spots. To see her now, though, you would never know. She is a real stunner.

Her favorite activity to engage in on lazy afternoons is napping in little cubby areas while her tail has a rhythm all its own, constantly moving in her dreams. Some of the staff  joke that she taps her tail to the beat of the music playing in the adoption center (we would like to think she particularly enjoys the music of Adele).

Charise needs a calm, steady environment in which she can make a smooth transition. She is somewhat indifferent towards the other resident cats and would be perfectly happy to be the only cat in the house. She enjoys human companionship but needs her space to get to know a person. Since she is a tad timid, only calm older children and calm dogs would be best if other animals are in the home.

Charise’s glorious coat qualifies her for the “Back in Black” May adoption special, and her adoption fee is just $50.