GOB Update!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Donations, Fundraising, Special Needs Pets

GOB (George for short)  is one week post-op for his big knee surgery which repaired the joint after it had been broken in his original accident six months ago.  The bandage came off today (how do you like his MANLY scar?)  and his Orthopedist said he came through with flying colors!

The surgery removed one cm of leg-bone and implanted a three inch plate and 8 screws. His knee now has full range of motion and much reduced swelling.  Since the surgery both legs have been more responsive to touch and the reduced swelling appears to have freed up pinched nerves and drastically improved his chance to walk again.

George will re-start formal physical therapy sessions later next week, meanwhile he is doing home exercises with his amazing foster dad to restore flexibility in both legs.  In addition to physical therapy,  George also needs leg braces or splints to give him some support while he rebuilds leg muscles and re-learns how to walk.

George is on the road to recovery thanks to all his amazing supporters and donors.  He has become well-known in the community and was a popular sight at the Pecan St Festival last weekend, spreading the now famous GOB love.  Please consider a donation towards this final step in his recovery, his leg braces and physical therapy, and hopefully our next update will be of George walking!