Grace is a Black and White Beauty

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Adoptions, Pets Needing Homes

Meet Grace. She is one of the black-colored cats and dogs (50% or more black) we are showcasing this month as part of the “Back in Black” adoption special where these wonderful animals have a reduced adoption fees of $50.

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Adopt Grace
Grace is a black & white one year old kitty that was rescued from the shelter on Valentine’s day. When APA! rescued her, also rescued were her six 4-day old babies. This sweet family was taken quickly into the Neonatal Ward where bottle baby volunteers made sure she had access to food and water at all times, monitored her health and the health of her babies. Within just a couple of days, Grace made her way into a foster home where she had a clean, quiet room to care for her babies and have some room to stretch her legs. That’s all a mom cat really needs to raise a healthy family.

Grace’s expressive face, punctuated by her black nostrils, is incredibly endearing. It’s tiring being a mom! But through it all, she managed to maintain her own long coat, and her sense of humor. Mom cats put up with a lot of shenanigans as their babies grow…rough and tumble wrestling, pouncing, and climbing. But Grace is patient, thankfully.

Graces’s babies have all left the nest and have found new homes. Now, it’s Graces’s turn. Stop by to meet her at APA! Headquarters at 2807 Manchaca Rd. She’ll tell you about her day, and stand by the door to make sure you see her when you walk by. Grab one of our cattery brushes and spend some time with her. She’ll show her appreciation with plenty of grace and gratitude for having a chance at a new life.