Help Sadie Run and Play Again! She STILL needs your help!

by Medical Team • Posted in: General

Online fundraising for Help Sadie Run and Play Again!sadie9sally2)

sallySadie needs YOUR help! Poor Sadie is only 1 year old and already needs knee surgery! She is asally2 little pup, so she likely tried to jump off of something and injured her knee in the process. Poor girl! She has a broken femur at the pelvis and needs what is called a femoral head ostectomy (or FHO).

She is a very sweet Chihuahua mix that just loves to play with her new roomie. Right now, she has to be told to take it easy so she doesn’t injure herself further.

Sadie would appreciate any and all donations to help her run and play like any pup her age should be able to do!