Kaleigh gets to see her world without discomfort

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Kaleigh 3Kaleigh is an APA! foster who was recently adopted into a loving home. Here is Kaleigh’s story and how APA! and medical support from our friends at MettaSound Veterinary Imaging helped her to live a better life and find a loving home.

Kaleigh was originally at risk due to medical issues. She was dirty, oily, and very matted.  Her eyes were crusty, dry and infected; her skin inflamed and some sores and hair loss; she had a murmur, irregular heart rhythm and was heartworm positive. The medical team at APA! evaluated Kaleigh and put her on medications. She had problems with dry eye and her hair, eyelashes and eyelid scraping across her eye, and it had progressed to fairly severe damage. So severe that there was a possibility that Kaleigh could have needed an eye removed.

Kaleigh 1Kaleigh’s heart was evaluated by MettaSound Veterinary Imaging to check its status and although she has a murmur she was approved for surgery on her eyes as well as the regular heartworm treatment. Last week surgery was performed on Kaleigh’s eyes to prevent the hair and the eyelid from damaging her eyes. During surgery the vets were happy to report that they would not have to remove her eye so Kaleigh is now happy and gets to see her world without discomfort.

Kaleigh’s foster stated about her,

“Kaleigh is a calm and quiet dog. She perks up and soaks in information about her world and she takes everything in stride. When she first arrived the other small dogs would growl as she approached, she would just turn and head back to her bed.  She enjoys exploring the back yard or house, but if there is nothing going on, she heads to her bed and curls up.  She is all over dinner time, following close behind me as I prepare her food and standing up on just her hind legs to ask for it.  She loves pets or those chest/ tummy rubs, but is not demanding.  She is the sweetest of dogs.”

Its thanks to our vet services partners for providing the extraordinary care for our medical cases that do so much for our animals. Thank you MettaSound for helping us get Kaleigh ready for her forever home.