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Some of you may recognize Louie as the face of Giving Dogs a Fresh Start!

Louie didn’t come to APA! as what many would call an “easy” dog. He’s energetic, strong-willed and very excitable. The first year of his life lacked the interaction from humans that is so important in helping dogs learn to be companion animals.  Louie is a sweet goof of a dog and we love him, but he was in need of some help.

APA! has great behavior programs like Behavior & Enrichment, Fresh Start, and a variety of classes offered to volunteers, fosters, and adopters.  Still, a small group of dogs in our program, now being cared for by a group of volunteers affectionately dubbed “Louie’s Team,” need a little bit more than APA! is able to offer independently.

Some dogs have behavioral differences, often stemming from pasts filled with neglect and/or abuse. APA! simply didn’t have the resources or funds to help them reach their full potential once we rescue them.  With your help, we now will!

After a very long stay with APA!, Louie began participating in a daily “tutor day” program where he went to The Canine Center to work with professional trainers.  This professional intervention and enrichment, in a supportive new setting, proved the turning point that Louie needed.  Shortly after attendance, Louie was (and remains) happily adopted into a home where he is loved and his people are committed to making sure he gets the follow-up training he needs.

Through Louie’s Fund, we want to give opportunities like Louie’s to all of the dogs in our program who need them.  We also hope to offer post-adoption training scholarships, like the one that followed long-stay boy Brodie home.  Our goal is to ensure that our dogs get the support they need to meet their potential and go on to thrive in their adoptive home with continued training as they make the transition.

For dogs like Jonas, found in a gas station trash can covered in burns, and Buttons, terrified after life on the street as the dog of a homeless man, this intervention can mean the difference between the road to adoption and a future plagued by question marks.

We hope that you will consider making a donation to Louie’s Fund so that we can give these dogs the chance they deserve.  A dog should never lose its life because of the errors of man.  APA! is committed to giving EVERY rehabilitatable dog a chance at life, but to save the exceptional cases, whether medical or behavioral, we need your help.

DONATE! http://apa.chipin.com/louies-team-training-fund

VOLUNTEER WITH LOUIE’S TEAM! We have opportunities in behavior handling, specialized fosters/foster recruitment, and marketing!  Email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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